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Global citizen. Author. Thinker. Polymath. Climate change. Progressive. Loves photography, beauty, dancing, and believes benevolence is a survival mechanism.

Why America is dying, the European Union is working, and China is overtaking America.

It’s good to remember the words of John Donne’s poem — No man is an island. Screenshot of Google Maps

Let’s start with the European Union

This morning I received a mind-blowing email from the European Commission. I want to quote from it, because if you have arrived at the same conclusions that I have, it will blow your mind.

Notably, the EU has reached a crucial milestone as more than 70 % of Europe’s adult…

It would indicate that people are still heavily invested in Donald Trump. That is not a good thing.

Screenshot from Quora

Is Donald Trump the best president that American has ever had?

In October, 2020, I answered a question on Quora. The question was “Is Donald Trump the best president in America?” Well, um, no, of course, he is not. He is actually the worst president America has ever had, and as far as the first world goes, he is probably the…

This is the only publication for which I will accept articles from other writers.

I took this shot in San Francisco, somewhere. I passionately love beautiful homes, especially cottages with bougainvillaa and jasmin. Own photo.

I studied interior design many years ago, and I worked in the industry for a while. I’ve worked directly with window treatments, tiles, flooring, bathrooms, kitchens, and, of course, furniture. My parents had an enormous furniture and appliance business, and decorating is probably one of my strongest loves.

The publication…

Materialism has its place in our lives. We are living on earth — not in the fourth dimension. So why is it so difficult to afford a home?

I always dreamt of having my own little cottage. It hasn’t happened yet, but at last, I have my own lovely space! Own artwork.

Life has been difficult for most of us during the past few years. We’ve faced challenges we never expected to see in our lifetimes. We’ve lost income, friends, jobs, and even homes. …

I suspect that they aren’t the kind of people who read often, and that’s why they’re inclined to misjudge what a good writing site requires.

Readers are the most essential non-negotiable on a writing site. Why aren’t publishers ensuring that writers can give it to them? Pixabay

Through the years, I’ve watch writing site after writing site begin, reach dizzy heights, and then fade into oblivion. Over and over again, the same story of a few writers becoming wildly successful initially, even though some of them aren’t particularly good writers. They earn good money. …

Spirituality is a breeze. Core self is damned hard to acquire.

The power of the individual operates and overcomes from core self. The power of commnity and connectivity unites those who want spirituality. Pixabay

As I’ve said in a previous article, spirituality is a difficult thing to define. A quick definition would be that it’s a sense that life has more meaning than our material world acknowledges. …

I guess I think that 27 years of abuse and being gaslit on the web is enough. I also don’t see any reason why I have to subject myself to it.

Own photo

I first posted on a public forum in early 1998. It was new age guru Stuart Wilde’s site, and I disagreed with what was being said. Immediately, I had a virago of new age followers accuse me of every sin under the sun plus inflict the kind of abuse that…

I might be wrong in this — feel free to tell me what you think I’ve got wrong.

I think Medium has changed its focus from readers to writers. If you want to learn to write, I think Medium is now the right platform for you. Pixabay

I have some observations about the kind of writing that will probably do well on this platform in the future. There have been a good few changes during the past year, and the general direction has been to ensure a more focused look on individuals. The last three $500 prizes…

It’s the single most vital thing that can determine that our species survives, and that good is the ultimate hero of the day.

Our world has grown too interconnected for it to survive without a universal code of ethics. Pixabay

Yea, yea, I know. So what if you or I tell a little white lie. It’s not going to make any difference, you say. After all, why would it matter if you told Joanna that she was the most precious thing in the world to you when in reality, well…

They are ubiquitous and convenient. Everybody wears them, and they fit everybody.

Marilyn Monroe in blue jeans. Did celebrities make jeans fashionable? Fair use

Blue denim jeans arrived as a hardwearing solution to men working in mines and construction. They were constructed to withstand damage in the workplace, and workers loved them, so workers would buy a pair, and they would last a decade. It was a good investment.

At some point, they became…

Tessa Schlesinger

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