You're not very much in touch with either research or people, are you?

People hate their work for three reasons.

1. They are bullied, have to put up with office politics, expected to do things they don't think are ethical or wasn't part of their job description, and more. It has nothing to do with disliking work because they have to do it or some such parlance. I actually enjoy work. I just don't like the bosses, the people I have to work with, and the fundamental evil that results from working for profit.

2. They are underpaid. Who wants to work for minimum wage? Nobody. The ratio of what people are paid at the top and what people are paid at the bottom is nothing more than wage slavery. It's uenethical, and it's evil. And people hate it. They are, however, forced to endure it, because there is no other way they will survive.

3. People would much rather be doing other things with their time.

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