With immediate effect, I am no longer writing opinion and factual articles on Medium. I will be focusing on fiction only. I have been given a final warning by Medium that my account will be suspended if I write another article or comment as some are, apparently, hateful. As I find it difficult to understand why my particular thoughts are not acceptable, and as it is very stressful for me to try and figure out what I can and cannot write, I clearly cannot continue. I have no desire to offend anyone.

Interestingly, despite my strong objections to certain views, I have never reported them. People are free to believe what they like. The only things I have reported are spam posts. I find those deeply disrepectful of my time! :)

I was going to switch to fiction anyway, only I was going to take a year to attempt to build up a readership. This is no longer possible. That said, it is less stressful, and while I understand that this will immediately cut my readership, I will be happier not having to worry if someone is going to report me. It is going to be difficult to survive financially. If you can see your way to donating to me at Patreon or Ko-fi to carry me over for the next few months, I would be grateful.

I understand that there will be those who are currently supporting me on Ko-fi and Patreon who will want to withdraw their support as I will not longer be writing political articles. My apologies — I thank you for your support, however brief it was. I am always deeply touched by the generosity of others. A generosity of spirit towards others is the greatest indication of goodness and…

Tessa Schlesinger - Born and bred in Africa.

Complexity is never easy to explain, and far too many stick to black and white, and forget about the colors and the greys.