So let me teach you something.

(And, and sorry, I don't highlight to get readers. I depend on my ability to write well to get readers).

Traffic comes to you through algorithms, and the most traffic any writer can get is what Google sends one. Admittedly, Medium doesn't pay you if the reader isn't paying Medium, but if you're going to be a reader outside Medium, you need to pay attention to how Google is ranking you.

Goolge pays attention to H1 and H2 tags. Generally that means that Titles are coded in H1 and sub-titles are coded in H2. When writers use bold or emphasis for sub-titles, that is lost.

I can't tell if you've used bold (the B) or the T2 to write the sub-titles. It looks like you've used Bold. You would need to use T2 in order to get the benefit of traffic from Google.



Won all four $500 prizes in 2021 for being one of the top 1000 writers on Medium.

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