You actually think manipulating others is a worthy social skill?

No wonder people like Trump and Johnson get into power. No wonder political leaders are the scum of the earth with no leadership ability.

No wonder most doctors cannot diagnose an illness accurately.

"Knowing how to cheat without getting caught is an art. It takes wits and social skills to navigate the ship of deceit through dangerous waters. "

It takes even more skill to get things right without having to cheat. You want to know why our leaders are so inept these days? Because they're masters at cheating, and have no fucking concept of how to solve real-world problems.

I once read a study that said 95% of honors students cheated. I never cheated because I didn't have to.

"If you ask any top students or successful students whether they’ve cheated on any assignment or exam, they’d probably say yes — unless they’re lying about it. Clearly, cheating isn’t always opposed to learning."

I've never cheated in my life. And I never will. It's disgusting. Certainly, it may well teach people social manipulation. Has it ever occurred to you that these are the people who become politicians, leaders, and seen what a shitty job they are doing because they don't have the knowledge (they cheated) to solve problems.

"We mistake learning with mere originality when it has a lot to do with collaboration. When we’re able to produce purely original work, we’ve learned."

Yes, I discovered that when I went to college in America. How different from my school days in South Africa (50s and 60s). Americans were focused on students working together. In South Africa, if you worked with someone else, you were cheating, and you would likely get expelled. It was imperative for the teacher to know what you understood on your own.

I once did a psychological evaluation in San Diego.

The test kept asking me if the 'group' did something, would I go along. I said absolutely no. I was told that I was a rebel. WTF? Why on earth would I go along with a group of criminals? I absolutely would not.

Of course, I didn't know that in America, the word 'group' meant a social group. In South Africa, it referred to a criminal group. Also, we're focused on being independent, not on working with a 'group.'

It's fine working with a 'group' when you have learnt how to be an independent thinker, and that's what you are supposed to learn at school. It's pretty much negative when it has been drummed into one that one has to work with the group from childbirth.

Have you ever considered why there is so much group think in the States?

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