Links to My Other Medium Magazines

I’ve published more than 800 articles on Medium to date. They include funny stuff, weird stuff, serious stuff, and how-to stuff.


Me, through the years. Own picture.

For those who have only recently started following me, I wanted to provide links to my other magazines. For various reasons, I don’t write on them anymore. That does not mean that the information provided on them is not relevant.

For instance, an article I wrote on modern poetry, was rejected by a lot of people who wrote poetry. The fact that I linked it to news articles and opinions of the world at large did not result in a rethink from those who read the article. That would be the normal response of someone who wasn’t inflicted with ego governing intellect. Instead, I got this sort of response. I lost multiple readers.

That’s Over the Top, Madam!

This magazine includes bizarre stories like coming into contact with ghosts and UFOs. Nothing I’d expect you to believe, but they happened, anyway. Of course, I am more than easy with you believing I’m nuts. I sometimes doubt the sight of my own eyes, anyway. A long and unusual life will do that to you.

Born to Write

I started writing for publication very early. Right from the start I was published in national magazines, and I never had a rejection for my first twenty or thirty years. When the first came, it was a personal phone call from the managing editor of a prestigious national magazine saying that the writing was of a quality, she seldom saw, but that she couldn’t accept it because they had recently published so much in that line.



Tessa Schlesinger -Ahead of the curve

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