Just a short heads-up here. Medium has written to inform me that I am not in violation of their policies and suggested that I block those parties who accuse me of being so. As I have a legal background, and as I have worked as a writer and editor for half a century, plus I did a legal course at college, I am quite well versed in this respect.

For the record, defamation is when you verbally say something in public while libel is when you write erroneous things against someone. Nowhere have I gone on radio or TV to make defamatory remarks about anyone. Questioning someone’s qualifications on Medium is NOT libel, especially when one has given one’s reasoning and evidence for asking those questions.

I have muted the publication involved — it has a very poor standard in my opinion. I am also blocking anyone who is jumping on the bandwagon and reporting them for harassment.

Global citizen. Author. Thinker. Polymath. Climate change. Progressive. Loves photography, beauty, dancing, and believes benevolence is a survival mechanism.

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