I had to do a few architectural classes for my interior design degree. I loathe modernism. More than that, not being American, I cannot understand why people build homes with wood (terrible insulation) and use air conditioning (use of energy in the age of climate change).

When I was living in Spain in 42 degrees, there was a very simple solution - open the windows for a through draft and hang wet sheets at the front door. It blows a cool breeze through.

In Scotland and London, central heating was generally through pipes which contained hot water. In South Africa, houses were built with a double layer of bricks with air between so that it insulated the homes.

I also think we need to start building very strong, very small homes to be prepared for the future.



Tessa Schlesinger - Born and bred in Africa.

Complexity is never easy to explain, and far too many stick to black and white, and forget about the colors and the greys.