Climate Change — I Told You So!

Recycling is bs, as are carbon credits, and there is only one way!


Somewhere, a flood is coming to you real soon, courtesay of Mother Earth. Pixabay

Like Cassandra, I often say things that are unpopular. For a decade and a half, I’ve been saying that the only way to defeat climate change is to cut energy use, to stop half of all manufacturing, and that the reason that politicians don’t do anything is that they can’t. If they tell the truth (as above), they won’t be liked or re-elected.

Here’s what needs to happen to defeat climate change — again

  • There needs to be a universal acceptance that we all need to use at least half the energy we are currently using. It’s preferable we use a quarter of it. City lights have to be turned off at night. Aircon needs to disappear. Public transport needs to replace privately owned cars. Yes, it will be difficult. However, what is coming is going to be a lot worse, if we don’t do it. Even if we stopped using all oil right now, according to NASA, it would take a 1000 years for climate to revert to pre-industrial times.
  • In order to ensure that the toxic by-products of production no longer negatively affect our air, sea, and fresh water, production needs to stop producing anything that is toxic. That includes blue denim jeans, viscose fabric, concrete, tar roads, plastics, and numerous other products. As this will affect employment, a universal basic income needs to be implement. All adults capable of work will have to spend 15 hours a week in unpaid work — cleaning up the…



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