Ah, sorry. That is not something I can work with. Eric Fromm has been proven remarkably wrong over a period of time. What is a metabolic rift of capitalism?

These people you refer to sound like philosophers, and I have yet to meet a well-adjusted philosophy. I will keep an ear open for confirmation of your comments, but while Marx definitely pointed out that capitalism wouldn't work in the long run, and he pointed out very valid reasons why, it's also true that he wasn't wrong.

You're probably right about there being no provate ownership of property. In Engliand, the Magna Carta pretty much disuted the right of the lords of the universe to have private property that prevented them from hunting, building homes, etc.

In fact, one of the big problems with capitalism is the private ownership of property...



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Complexity is never easy to explain, and far too many stick to black and white, and forget about the colors and the greys.