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Global citizen. Author. Thinker. Polymath. Climate change. Progressive. Loves photography, beauty, dancing, and believes benevolence is a survival mechanism.

Are Trump and Johnson sociopaths? Our world led by destructive people.

The percentage of people in the general population without conscience and who take pleasure in the pain of others is one percent. Yet some years ago, studies showed that twenty percent of CEOs were sociopaths.

According to British psychologist Kevin Dutton, the top four career choices for psychopaths are CEO, attorney, media personality and salesperson. Source.

Politicians, Presidents, and Prime Ministers as Psychopaths and Sociopaths

It has become clear to those who recognize the characteristics of psychopaths that too many of our political leaders, if not full blown psychopaths, certainly have too many of those attributes.

Why would we elect psychopaths to be our leaders?

Most people are attracted to those with winning personalities. Psychopaths tend to have…

She was a nightmare mother, but make no mistake, she kicked ass.

So I’ve told you a lot about how my mother treated me, but what I haven’t told you is the way she was the ultimate feminist, the dread of all who dared to say she couldn’t do this and that. She did it. She flourished at it. And, yes, they kicked her down and out in the end, but that was probably more her fault than theirs. She certainly went out there and did it.

So many problems, it appears, go back to inadequacy. Or do they?

Read the research.

White supremacy, incels, depression, lack of achievement — it all goes back to people feeling inadequate about themselves. The dictionary defines inadequacy as ‘inability to deal with a situation or with life’ and ‘the state or quality of being inadequate; lack of the quantity or quality required.’

As I look at that definition, I interpret it to mean (for example) that white supremacists believe that it is their whiteness that gives them the power that they have, and they’re fighting to regain the power that their whiteness gave them. …

Some years ago, I wrote an article on why I won’t date Republicans. The fall-out has been interesting.

In case you want to read the article that has so far garned me three requests to be on conservative radio (I declined because I’ve had a gutful of being called a libtard and I prefer civilized debate to ad hominems), been debated on Reddit, and more, the link is below.

So how come my article had so much leverage? It occurred to me that a reasonable number of Republican males must have been turned down by females on the basis of their politics. That would cause them to google the topic, and that is why my article was found…

Think about it. It’s not rocket science.

I think it’s way past time for someone to design a decent dating site. Currently, there are an amazing number of scams, with dating scams rapidly becoming the biggest source of fraudulent income in the world.

It is so easy to avoid this. Here’s how a dating site should be set up. Of course, someone has to write the code and not be too greedy.

  1. Everybody pays to join — $10 for six months and $18 for a year. Currently forty million Americans belong to a dating site. Worldwide the number is far greater.
  2. The profile is available for everybody…

Don’t kid yourself that our lifestyles aren’t the price of killing our children.

Some of my rich friends are all very concerned about climate change. They assiduously shop with cotton bags, and they definitely make sure they carefully sort their glass and paper trash into the proper containers. They also have two BMWs in the garage, a tv in every room, and the pool outside is carefully maintained by putting the right chemicals into it so that algae doesn’t discolor the blue of the water. Three or four times a year, they fly to exotic places to have birthday parties for the weekend.


Missed something there, did they?

Older people will have…

What about the women who are naturally beautiful? You want to shoot them, too?

Some women really need to grow up and get a life, These bullshit complaints about the media elevating women to look like goddesses when they actually only look like beauty queens needs to stop. So what if someone shopped their waist to be 21 inches when it was actually 24 inches? The only reason it matters is that some women are trying to emulate them, and they find it impossible to get down to the 21 inches. Well, I have news for them. Sure there are some women who are lying that they have a 21 inch waist. There are…

It can safely be said that 99% of our problems stem from the fact that we live unethical lives.

Most people would shudder if we mentioned that their actions or their perspective might be unethical. That’s probably because there is a deep misunderstanding about what ethics are. Many confuse ethics with love and kindness. It’s perfectly possible to be kind and unethical at the same time.

Ethics Explained

Ethics are the unwritten rules that have evolved alongside the growth of human communities. Ethics are rules that all individuals within a community are expected to live by, because, in some way, not living according to those rules would harm the community in the long term.

The problem is that ethics are situational…

It’s not going to happen on Medium — unless you do it this way.

It took me a while to realize that there is no passive income to be earned on Medium. I confess that when I realized that, I lost interest in Medium as a paying platform. Medium’s algorithm works like a print magazine — it’s only what’s recent that gets paying traffic. The rest falls by the wayside — just like news copy.

How Passive Income works

Passive income means you write one article, and it pays you over and over again. I have a fair number of articles like that on the web. They are generally in the top three of Google, and I earn…

It’s about keeping tag of what’s in your head, and also, maybe, to clear your mind before going to bed.

I grew up in the days of the British Empire. What Americans call a journal, the Brits called a diary, and as a young child, I had a diary. Each night I would document the events of the day, always starting with those immortal words, ‘Dear Diary.’

I didn’t start with the words “Dear Journal,” because ‘Dear Journal’ was unheard of. It sounds more like something from the captain’s log. In fact, the Brits and the Americans might have had those words switched around. When reading Victorian books, the captain’s log is called a journal.

A new way of journaling…

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