I’ve listed them so you don’t have to search for them.

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Reading is the most fabulous occupation in the whole, wide world! Pixabay Tamisu

Medium, to some extent, loses the stories that we wrote last year or three years ago. With that in mind, and for your convenience, I’m listing the stories that received the most traffic and accolades.

Thank you for reading.

The Stories that I liked Most and Did Reasonably Well

Downsizing Your Home Means Improving Your Life

What I Learned From My Mother About Dogs

How and Why I’ve Lived on a Cash Basis for the Past 12 Years.

So Were you Born to Write?

Good Without God: The Necessity for Moral Conscience.

These stories had the most traffic from Google

The Rare INTJ Female: Introvert, Powerful, and Independent

Why I Don’t Date Anymore

How to Make Hazel, Blue-Green, or Green Eyes Look More Green. …

I find it distracting. I wonder if others do as well.

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Pixabay Open Clipart Vectors

I received a mail this evening from medium as follows “With a branded profile, it’s easier for readers to discover, follow, and recognize your work.” I don’t believe that. When Medium posts the title of the article somewhere, the branding isn’t attached. Besides that, when reading the work of others, I prefer black print on a white background without anything to distract my reading. I find it distracting to read people who have color backgrounds and huge banners. I don’t follow them. You?

I’ve been on the web, since 1994, earning since 1999. I know a thing or two.

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Own artwork

This morning, for the umpteenth time, my eye caught sight of yet another article about how someone earned $10,000 a month from day one, or how someone cracked the code of Medium three months in, and now has 30,000 followers. You just started with Medium, and you think that’s the norm, and that you’re a pretty decent writer, and if they can do it, so can you. I have news for you. Those people didn’t get those figures because they’re good writers or they’re disciplined or something else. Let me share with you what truly happened.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

A writing website has a cycle — just like any other website. In the beginning, there are a handful of writers. Because there are only a few writers, readers have a limited number of people to read, so those writers get read a lot more than when there are 10,000 writers on a website and there are only three readers. So, the closer you are to signing up for a website after it has launched, the more likely you are to garner a lot of readers very quickly. …

Or is the real question, “How should Biden affect the Economy?”

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Joe Biden Fair Use

The Economy

For most of us, when we speak about the economy, we’re speaking about the ups and downs of business. If business is good, then the economy is flourishing. If business is bad, then the economy is taking a downturn. But business is just a category of an economy. An economy consists of far more than just business.

The economy is the sum total of all we produce and distribute, and what we produce and distribute isn’t always the outcome of business. Government also produces and distributes. Charities, religious organisations, and non-profits also produce and distribute. Sometimes military organisations and political parties produce and distribute. All of it is part of the economy. …

There are solid reasons to shorten our work week right now. Here’s why.

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A poll I conducted some years ago. Own artwork.

Human beings did not evolve to work forty to sixty hours per week. In common with all mammals, they worked a twenty hour work week. They also had their year generously interspersed with holidays. The Romans, for instance, had 175 public holidays per year during which they didn’t work.

It was the Industrial Revolution that increased the working hours of mankind. The length of the work day doubled as a result of industry requiring longer hours by workers in order to do what needed to be done. So the working hours were doubled in order for the capitalists to profit. …

So what happens when there is an ELE — an Extinction Level Event?

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Own artwork

What is stupidity? It is doing something that obviously won’t work out or doing something even when the evidence suggests that the outcome will be disastrous. It is doing or saying something when it can clearly be deduced that it is erroneous, but sticking to one’s guns even though one cannot explain why one is right.

This is why it’s so difficult to reason with some people. …

Most products are made family size, and about half of us are single for long periods of our lives.

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Own artwork

Have you ever tried buying a small pressure cooker that only makes enough food for one person? Or maybe, you’re out shopping for a small portion of fresh vegetables, but if you take what’s on offer, most of it will be rotten before you can use it.

In earlier days, the idea behind buying large quantities was that it was less expensive because the cost of production was cheaper, and this was passed on to the end buyer. However, in recent years, in order to make larger profits, business has decided to make larger quantities more expensive. Their reasoning? …

And Writing is the most important art of them all.

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Fantasy! The most beautiful thing in the world! I was delighted to be able to interview Neil Gaiman for this movie when it first came out. Fair use.

Consider a hard day at work. Or, perhaps, you’ve just suffered some minor loss — your favorite dress ruined, a vacation cancelled, or maybe even the car keys lost. Sure you’ll have a drink to calm the nerves, but what do you do to bring back the joy? You listen to music, watch a movie, read a book, take out your coloring book and proceed with doodle art, or even rearrange the furniture as you decorate a room.

Art is at the heart of so much of who we are. Regardless of what we do to earn our living, when we take a break, it’s generally the arts we turn to. Do we go dancing? It’s an art. Do we begin to write a story? It’s an art. Do we turn on Netflix? We’re watching art. Do we read a book? Do we go everywhere with a camera (I do)? These are all arts. Art fills our lives, and yet it’s one of the most undervalued aspect of our lives. …

They are not the same, and the confusion between the two means that some messages are not getting across.

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Socialism isn’t always unfriendly. We have more of it than realized. Pixabay Tama66

Socialism is an economic system in which the state owns the means of production. However, in State Socialism, the state not only owns all of the means of production, but decides on what is to be produced and where and how it is to be distributed.

In Democratic Socialism (or social democracy), the people vote in order to decide which industries or resources the state would own, and who it would be distributed to.

Generally, in most first world countries, the following services have been socialized.

  1. Education and skills training
  2. Public transport — trains, planes, buses, ships, etc.
  3. Courts, justice, prison, police, and those related to the maintenance of order. …

In a time of growing emergencies, business cannot be the only supplier.

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When business fails so badly that societies begin to break down, then there needs to be a second economy. Pixabay. Ryan McGuire

When we speak about ‘the economy,’ we’re generally referring to business. However, an economic system generally refers to the way we produce and distribute goods. Business is not the only way we can produce and distribute. In countries like the old USSR, the State was in control of producing and distributing goods. That was a socialist system.

Some Products are More Essential than Others

As a result of Covid-19, many countries went into lockdown with only the most essential services remaining open. Consequently, some businesses did not survive, and this has led to inevitable hardship.

It does demonstrate, however, that when push comes to shove, some products are simply more essential than others. We cannot do without food, water, warmth (energy), shelter, medical attention, etc. In the 21st century, we also need transport to various emergency services plus for the buying of food, as these things are no longer within walking distance. …


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