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Haque says it’s time to leave America, but that’s not too easy. I once wrote a book on immigration. Here’s what you need to know.

The cover of a book I wrote at least a decade ago. Own artwork.

According to Umair Haque’s latest piece, it’s time to leave America. He says that Americans have maybe two or three years to go before it becomes a fascist country, and then all minorities will be persecuted. …

And we can live with it pretty comfortably

We have many opportunities to use less energy, including switching off the city lights at night. Pixnio

There are many out there who will tell you that it’s not possible for green energy to replace fossil fuel energy. Anyone who thinks it’s possible isn’t paying attention. This may be possible in another 80 years, but right now, we don’t have the technology. …

It is said that positive, confident people die younger because they don’t pay attention to the risks.

The unexpected should be prepared for… PIxabay

I have the privilege of having being In Cape Town, George (both in South Africa), London, Dusseldorf (Germany), Lisbon, and Porto (Portugal) during the time of this Coronavirus pandemic. As a result, I have some experience with the way people in these places have responsed to Covid. This involves observing…

I cringe from the idea that people are seen as fans — people you can market to because they like something you do.

I cannot abide the word ‘fan.’ To me, it dehumanizes people. Own artwork

I see people as people. I can never think of those who read me as fans. If you read through all my articles on writing, you will see that I refer to ‘fans’ or ‘followers’ as readers. To me, readers are the most precious of human beings. …

One of the reasons I don't relate to people who don't have the gumption to say what they think is because they're sitting on the fence. They don't want to hurt feelings or suffer the consequences of saying what they think. Psychologists and counsellors do this a lot.

Except there's a marriage counsellor in Florida (I think) whom I read about a few years ago. Charges $20,000 or $60,000 or some astronomical amount to see couples, and she only sees them once. And then she tells them which one is wrong.

Apparently there are a lot of couples out there who just want the vindication of letting their partners know that they are wrong.

I’ll give you the clues, and then you figure it out.

Are you creative? Can you design the basics of a workable economic system that doesn’t harm the earth? Fair use.

Most people think of the economy as business, and it is, to some degree true. However, it is only true because that is the way we have set up the economy. An economy is any system that produces and distributes goods. It doesn’t have to be run by business. It…

I think it’s a bit of both, and it depends on what you want to write.

That’s my story for the day — me being flippant. Pixabay

I started my Born to Write magazine because I was really peeved with the number of scammers out there who wanted to charge other people in order to know how to be successful at writing. All these courses, to my mind, are bs. …

What Jesus taught and what evangelical Christianity teaches are two very different things. And the result may well be a return to the dark ages.

Picture is a composite of own artwork and photo found a few years ago on Pixabay but no longer there.

As an atheist, I am not a believer in gods, spirituality, and general mumbo-jumbo. I did, however, spend a considerable part of my life involved in these things. One day, I woke up, and I realized it was all bullshit. I have never felt more free and more relieved in…

Our leaders represent who we are… When we are comfortable with lying, so are they.

Lying is acceptable, so long as everybody else is lying as well. Fair use

If there is one trait that puts me right off anyone, it’s catching them in a lie. I don’t particularly care how small that lie is, it is still a lie. And a lie tells me that someone has a fundamentally weak character.

Let me demonstrate that to you. Or…

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